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Immature granulocytes (IG#)   Immature granulocyte ratio (IG%) 

Non-lysed-red blood cells (N-L-RBC#)  Magnesium (Mg)  

Red blood cells  (RBC) in urine

Globulin (GLO)


Phosphorus (PHOS)

Blood urine nitrogen (BUN)

Platelet (PLT)

Bacteria (BACT)

Total protein (TP)

Albumin (ALB)

Calcium (Ca)

Mucous strands (MUCUS) Conductivity (Cond.)

Direct bilirubin (DBIL)

Red blood cells (RBC) in blood




Please cite:  Liq_ccRCC: Distinguishment of clear cell renal cell carcinoma based on the integration of clinical liquid indices. Jianhong Zhao#,Jianpeng Wu#, Jinyan Wei, Xiaolu Su, Yanjun Chai, Zhiping Wang*, Shuyan Li* . Submitted.