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Gastric Cancer discrimination based on routine blood examination data

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Despite general declining incidence worldwide, gastric cancer (GC), the fourth most common cancer, steadily contributes to the second most frequent cause of cancer mortality which poses severe public health problems. With the continuous improvement of hygienic standards, dietary habits and modern technology in recent decades, these factors have a material impact on the prevention of GC. However, as malignant tumor of the stomach that may expand to other parts as lymph glands, liver and lungs, it should be maintained long-term sufficient attention to stomach diseases.

Due to the lack of adequate early detection tools and asymptomatic presentation in the initial stages, most GC patients are diagnosed with advanced stages or metastases, which results in the five-year survival with only 10% and the low level of prognosis that both depended mainly on the stage of the diagnosis. So it is imperative to exploit novel and rational diagnostic strategies that have the potential to distinguish GC from different stomach diseases and cancers.

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