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Please input single sample data in the text form:

  Fasting blood glucose (FBG) Progesterone (P)
  D-Dimer Number of follicles on HCG day
  Anti Mullerian hormone (AMH) Number of ootid collected

Drug protocol

  (Yes (1)/No (0)) (GnRH antagonist protocol:1; Others:0)
  Hydrosalpinx Thyroiditis
  (Yes (1)/No (0)) (Yes (1)/No (0))
  Myoma of uterus Reproductive system health
  (Yes (1)/No (0)) (Yes (1)/No (0))
  Total amount of Gn prolactin (PRL)
  (U) (ng/mL)
  Incomplete obstruction of the unilateral fallopian tube Anti thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPO-ab)
  (Yes (1)/No (0))
  Fibrinogen (FIB)  

Semen processing methods

Immotile sperm rate after SP (IM after SP)

(discontinuous density gradient centrifugation:1; Others:0)

  Sperm density after semen preparation (Sperm density after SP) Normospermia rate
  Forward motile sperm after semen preparation (PR% after SP) Non forward motile sperm after semen preparation (NP% after SP)
  Survival rate of spermatozoa Non forward motile sperm before semen preparation (NP% before SP)
  Sperm concentration  

Methods of assisted pregnancy

  (IVF:1; Others:0)  

Or upload multiple samples (Please strictly adherence to the csv format as sample file):